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Gaeta Engineering has always provided consultancy and technical services in the field of design, plant construction, work management, site management, testing of electrical, mechanical and special systems, both in private and public areas. With a new division, it also offers specialized technical services in the field of structural and architectural design, both with reference to the improvement and the adaptation of existing structures and to new works.

It is operational in many areas of engineering, besides the consolidated ones that concern the production of energy from renewable sources as well as the transport and energy distribution. 

It was founded in Naples in 1999 by the engineer, Bruno Gaeta. The company employs qualified technical personnel and experts who associate their skills by creating an efficient interdisciplinary environment that is able to achieve solutions of every kind and level. The team is composed of engineers, economists, surveyors, designers and plant technicians. 

Among the aims, the availability towards customers, the continuous research of quality and technologies to optimize our services, the continuous training of the team and the attention to the innovation of the equipment and the technical instruments.

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Electrical, fire-fighting, mechanical installations’ design activities

It has developed specific know?how in the field of plants’ design for the production of electricity from alternative sources and, in particular, wind farms, biogas, and photovoltaic plants, taking care of all aspects, from the permitting to the design, site management, and testing.

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Architectural and structural design activities

It offers analysis, ideation and design services aimed at defining the aims and the characteristics of new works, renovations and consolidation interventions on existing buildings, through the identification of possible projectile solutions, in relation to the needs of the customer, to the territorial and environmental context, and to the landscape.

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Work supervision and construction site assistance

It offers services of works management and construction site’s technical assistance for public and private customers, both for new constructions and for renovations.

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Energetic Efficiency

It has energy management experts also with EGE's qualification in order to propose energy solutions and projects for optimizing consumption and energy costs, eliminating inefficiencies and waste. Our interventions contribute to a significant improvement of energy costs, with environmental, social and productivity benefits.

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Testing and Commissioning

Tests and commissioning of electrical systems AT, MT and BT are a further competence of the company that has modern instrumentation.

The know?how acquired in this field had us partnered up with important national electrical operators and foreign companies.

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Service Engineering

It offers "Service engineering" activities in the technical-specialized fields of electrical and industrial engineering, energy production from alternative sources, infrastructures and electro-mechanical/electronic constructions in general.

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Safety DL 81/08

The experience gained in shipyards, together with the specific professionalism of some resources, allowed the company to solve work’s problems of safety and hygiene, providing a global service, competitive and qualitative, both from the technical point of view and from the managerial view.

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